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Monday, October 16, 2017

What does it mean??!

So, I keep getting these gut feelings of I need to divorce my husband, Patrick.

What in the he'll does it mean??!

I love him and I'm IN love with him, but I keep feeling like we aren't meshing together well. I've felt this way for 5.5 almost 6 years out of the 7 total years we've been together. I keep praying to God to give me guidance and this is what I continue to get.

I hear you God. I ready do. I just have so many reasons why I can't go thru with it right now. (1) We are still paying for his car and neither one of us can afford it on our own. I don't want him to be without a car. (2) We can't afford an actual divorce, much less the other fees that goes along with it. (3) Can't afford to go bankrupt. (4) I'm afraid I'd break his heart. (5) I don't want to let down my family nor his family.

Yeah. Some are truly legit. Why I didn't end the relationship BEFORE we moved in together, I'll never, ever know. Now I'm here, I feel stuck most days, but I don't want to end it even tho I know i need to. This marriage is not good for me. It's not good for him. I think he knows, but he won't admit it.

He's a good man most days. He does have his moments where I feel like he treats me like shit. I've invested SOOOO much time into this relationship, and he has too!!!

This sucks!!! I need help figuring my shit out and how to go about getting a cheap assed divorce once his car is paid off....but I'm not sure how to bring it up to him!!!!!!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dear Target

Dear Target,

I've applied MULTIPLE times to 2 of your store locations in Alabama. One is the Trussville location and the second is the 280 corridor location.

I apply to both of them every few no avail. I continue to get the SAME response of that they can't offer me a position. They do, however, thank me for showing interest in the company.

Yes, I do work for Wal-Mart. I've been working for them for 18 months (so a year and a half). I do not like it all that much.

I WANT to work for y'all, Dearest Target!!! I have 18 months experience in retail now. I also have a little experience with registers, working in jewelry, and working in apperal.

Please, Dearest Target, give me a chance to work for y'all!!! I want that chance. I'd do ANYTHING just about for a chance to work for yall!!!!!

#Target #TargetStores

Friday, June 30, 2017

Restaurant Opening

My husband, Patrick, works at a restaurant called Fero. It's in The Pizitz Food Hall in downtown Birmingham.

Pizitz started out as a department store, which was eventually bought out by McRaes, followed by Belk (I believe). This old historic building has been redone into a Food Hall, shopping, and apartments/condos. Very exciting!!!

Well, one of the restaurants, called Fero, is doing a family and friends event this evening. I'm planning on going, even tho I just had to call in to go to it.

Well, why did you have to call in for, Erin??!

Reason is, is because.his family lives in the Huntsville/Madison area, which is a 90 minute to 2 hour drive. Plus they aren't familiar with downtown Birmingham at all!!! So it's understandable if they can't make it.

My family, however, consists of my mom, sister, brother-in-law, and neice...and perhaps his family as well. I already know that my family won't be there...even though they LIVE here in Birmingham as well. Which makes me so incredibly angry that they.more than likely won't be there in support of my husband.

I believe that we all should be there, even tho his family can't come due to the time it takes to get here.

I wanna say, "Look. He married me. He married into this family. The least yall can do is actually be there in support of this new restaurant and in support of him. He's finally found something that not only makes him happy, but something that he can use his degrees with AND pays more than his last job!!! At least come down and SUPPORT one of your family members!!!!!"

How hard is that to do??! So I had to call in. I don't want his heart to be broken because no one showed up from his family to support him in his new endeavor.

If you live in or around Birmingham, Alabama, please come to The Pizitz Food Hall in downtown Birmingham and eat at Fero. Tell them you are friends with Patrick Belz, who works in the kitchen!!!!!

#PizitzFoodHall  #Fero  #DowntownBirmingham  #Food  #NewPlaceToEat

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Why do I have to stop coming in at noon just because someone else missed you off??!

Why do I have to come in at 2 again for her missing you off??!

Why take it out on EVERYONE else??! It's not everyone else's fault for what seems like ONE PERSON taking advantage of you??!

I had freaking PERMISSION to come in at noon!!! PERMISSION!!! Now you're saying that, including myself, HAVE to workout normally scheduled time. I wouldn't have minded if you had just come to each of us and asked if we could start working what we are scheduled.

Also, does this mean that the ladies who refuse to work certain days, i.e. Friday's and Sunday's, have to work those days if they are scheduled in the system to work???

Based on your email, the answer is a resounding yes.

Just so you know, if this is indeed the case, you are about to lose at minimum 2 to 3 additional people, if not more. I know of 3 people who do not work on Sunday's.

It's not going to be pretty when these 3 ladies realise that you are gonna make them work Sunday's. One's schedule supposedly comes direct from the home office because it was specifically created by them FOR her.

I'm begging you NOT to screw with the schedules. I do, however, applaud you for putting your foot down. Making it known what you will and will not accept from associates.

But, in writing that email, and in telling everyone they HAVE to work the days that is in the system even tho those days aren't in their availability, you are slowly, .maybe even quickly, pushing your associates away.

I'm sorry that that one associate pushed you over the edge and pissed you off so bad you felt led to write that email. In reality, you should have already had it snipped in the bud. Telling her that she is not allowed to go over to online grocery pickup if she's on the apparel schedule. Told that assistant manager to NOT call her over anymore. And also had HIM tell her she can't come over there anymore.

Honey, that's partially your fault. Not all of it is your fault. Only like 1%. Yes people took advantage of your niceness and kindness. But that's no reason to take it out on EVERYONE who work in your areas.

Be prepared for another uprising. Just. Be. Prepared.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

My Not So Little Secret

So, i have not so little secret that i need to share.

I.miscarried 7 years ago. It will be 7 years in July. I've never told anyone but my 3 best friends. My own family doesn't know!!!

Why do they not know?? Because I am embarrassed by this fact. The father doesn't, or I don't believe he does, know.

So, here I am, admitting that, yes, I have been pregnant at some point in time in my life. That's one reason why i don't want to have any other children. I'm terrified that I'll miscarry, again.

I'm not sure if I could have told the father. His name is Bryan. Why?? I don't really know. Be deserves to know. It's been 7 years since the miscarriage.

My child would have been around 6 years old this year. I've always pushed it out of my mind. I shouldn't, but I do.

Please, ladies, if you miscarried, it's not your fault. Also, remember, that you aren't the only one who lost a child. You're significant other also lost a child. Please help each other get thru this time. I do kinda wish I had told Bryan about his child being miscarried.....

Friday, October 28, 2016

Sad News

Well, my friends, I have some very sad news to report.

My wonderful Mother-In-Law passed away this morning. I'm still trying to process the whole thing. My dad died 14 years ago at the beginning of December. So that wound that I have (and I thought was healed up) has been ripped open all over again.

It's the hardest thing to deal with I think. It's hard because I hate seeing my husband hurt like he is.

Please, dear readers, if you are the praying type, please pray for my husband and all of my in-laws as we go down this path.

My husband has never had to attend a funeral. I have attended several. I can't really explain what to expect at the funeral, except to tell him to be ready for an influx of people, that lots of people will be crying and upset, that people will give him this really sad look. And lots of hugs. And lots of "I'm sorries" from people.

The funeral should be some time at the beginning of this upcoming week.
In the picture, going from left to right, is as follows:
My Father In Law, me, my husband, and my Mother In Law.

She was, and is, and amazing woman. Always will be.

RIP Betty!!! 10/28/2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I work at Wal-Mart now. Not sure if I have written about this or not, so if I have, I'm sorry for the repeat.


Anywho, I work at Wal-Mart now. It's not bad at all. My job is phone operator/fitting room attendant. I also put up freight (new stock/items) in the lingerie and ladies sleep wear portion of ladies' wear. I am also cash register trained and I help in jewelry on occasion. Yes, it's a lot. Well, to some people it doesn't seem like it's a lot.

Here's a rundown of what I have to do in one day:
1) Check for freight in the back.
2) If there is any for me, I pull it out to the floor.
3) Grab me a buggy (or cart) and get started on what I need to do.
4) After 2 hours, take a break. (FYI, we HAVE to take a break every 2 hours regardless.)
5) While trying to put out the new stock that I have, answer the phones and let customers in and out of the fitting rooms, while trying to count how many items each customer has, also while trying to not let people try on panties/mens underwear/girls panties/shaper undergarments.
6) When the last person exits the fitting room, close and lock all the doors back.
7) After walking away five feet, running back to the phone because it's ringing again.
8) Oh, can I hold the jewelry keys while you go to lunch?? Sure!!! You're going to be gone for an hour. That's fine!!!
9) Walk away with your 2 walkie talkies in hand.
10) "Customer needs assistance in jewelry," says a manager. "On my way!!!" I say.
11) Put the main phone on Night Service because there won't be anyone around the fitting room to answer the phones while I'm in jewelry.
12) Take the radios with you just in case I have to call for a manager over to jewelry to help me.
13) Stay in jewelry for 45 minutes because you have an influx of customers.
14) Actual jewelry associate returns from lunch. I rejoice in this fact because I have 9 more boxes of my freight to work on.
15) Walk back to the fitting room and lingerie.
16) Attempt to work on freight again for a little while.
17) You go find someone who can listen out for the fitting room and that is willing to hold the radios while you eat.
18) While you eat, contemplate how you will finish ALL of that freight in 3 hours, because you get to sit down to eat for 1 hour.
19) Return from lunch.
20) Attempt to finish freight.
21) 8:30 p.m. rolls around. You realize you have 4 boxes left and a shit ton of empty, already broken down boxes and trash that you have to take to the back.
22) Write a quick note stating that you were in jewelry for 45 minutes, that the phones rang non stop, and that the fitting room was super busy. Explain that you tried to get all of your assigned freight out that day and apologize for not being able to. Also, you hope that your department manager isn't upset with you the next day.
23) By this time its about 8:35. You lock the fitting room doors up and grab the keys for the fitting room. You also do a quick walk through of your department to make sure that it doesn't look like a tornado went through it.
24) Now it's 8:45. You HAVE to get your stuff to the back before you clock out.
25) 8:50 now. Took 5 minutes to get to the trash bin and the box crusher because you were helping other customers find what they need.
26) 8:57 now. Now time to bin in your keys. That takes about 5 minutes in and of itself. You're 2 minutes late clocking out.
27) Clock out and grab your stuff out of your locker.
28) #ByeWork

That's most of my days in a giant nutshell! Crazy, yes. But so worth it. Just glad to have a job.

Moral of the story is this: Not everything is as it seems. Also, be grateful that you have a job that provides for you.